What do you Care4Most

An instant graphic of all the main issues we care about – customised for what YOU think matters ! Click on the image below, move the sliders and send the finished diagram to yourself (and others).

Care4most is an ANDROID app too – and will work with Mozilla www.care4most.com

How it Works

A high speed good cause visual profiling system enabling donor and recipient matchmaking.

See how we hope to achieve this by taking a visual journey and clicking the button below. You will be taken to a wonder technology for showcasing ideas and thinking called THORTSPACE.


Below are a selection of examples of how THORTSPACE can be used for Brexit matters. From planning to presenting your ideas. Take a look, find out and enjoy the experience!

Case Study 1

We are where we are

Let’s look forward, think of a BRITISH FUTURE, put things that matter most in context, have a good THINK about then then DO SOMETHING

Case Study 3

SO flexible ...

See for yourself BELOW the powerful flexibility that comes with Thortspace

Case Study 2

Crash Course

Do a crash course to come to grips with how Thortspace works.