What do you Care4Most

An instant graphic of all the main issues we care about – customised for what YOU think matters ! Click on the image below, move the sliders and send the finished diagram to yourself (and others).

Care4most is an ANDROID app too – and will work on the web but the design is terribly poor (sorry!)  www.care4most.org

How it Works

A high speed good cause visual profiling system enabling donor and recipient matchmaking.

See how we hope to achieve this by taking a visual journey and clicking the button below. You will be taken to a wonder technology for showcasing ideas and thinking called THORTSPACE.




Getting CARE 4 MOST on your own website is easy. We provide you with the files for you to install on your own website. You then give it a personalised web address and away you go.

You can choose the questions, how many there are, the colours and more. All from a simple to use backend only visible to you.

Case Study 1

Choose your graphics

When you complete a profile on Care 4 Most, you can choose how the results are displayed. Either through an inter-connecting chart or a more traditional Pie Chart

Case Study 3

Instant results

Care 4 Most works really fast, you are presented with your results immediately and once you have them you can send them direct to yourself in an email.

Case Study 2

Getting an upgrade

Care4Most is getting an upgrade to work with more browsers and systems than ever before. Click below to find out more!