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Enabling people of all ages, backgrounds and experience share the same (complex or simple) problems and find solutions – in 3D !

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How it Works

3D visual thinking software is downloaded from and used for any project or plan – on your own or with others, real-time or own time (rather like using a global mesh of inter-linked flipcharts bringing together the very best thinking)

Collective collaborative imaginative solutions are arrived at quicker and more easily than ever before

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Below are a selection of examples of how THORTSPACE can be used for Brexit matters. From planning to presenting your ideas. Take a look, find out and enjoy the experience!

Case Study 1

We are where we are

Let’s look forward, think of a BRITISH FUTURE, put things that matter most in context, have a good THINK about then then DO SOMETHING

Case Study 3

SO flexible ...

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Case Study 2

Crash Course

Do a crash course to come to grips with how Thortspace works.

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