We stand for belonging to a society in which all resources (financial, human and natural) are generated and managed on a long term sustainable basis for the benefit of future generations.”

What is

Universal Risk

Universal Risk is an unincorporated social enterprise voluntary organisation founded by Edward Hoare and funded from the founder’s resources.

What is our vision?

Our main vision is to help create a long-term and sustainable base for the benefit of future generations. We feel the concept of profit, people, planet is important and needs nurturing. We want to help younger generations so that they may be interested in and understand the impact of humanity on the planet.

We are a group of like-minded people, dedicated to the improvement of our world. We achieve our goals by running projects that speak to people and help them to understand how important is the concept of sustainable living and resource management. Our projects are based around the three goals of Learning Educating and Enabling. Universal Risk was founded by Edward Hoare in 2005.



We all take chances/risks. We take them every minute of every day – in some form or other. The consequences of the risks we take can be personal, domestic, local, regional, national, international, global, universal.

Hence The Name – Universalrisk


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What are our key priorities?

Our key priorities are to help create long-term solutions connected with the most important plans for the planet (MIPP) based on learning, educating and enabling – and which can be invested in wherever possible.

Why We Are Here


We stand for belonging to a society in which all resources (financial, human and natural) are generated and managed on a long term sustainable basis for the benefit of future generations


What we’ve



2020 - SDG Event Nuggets

Capturing precious pieces of information from events. Learn More

2019 - Virtual 3D SDG thinking

Adding a virtual 3D experience to collaborative SDG events Learn More

2019 - MIPP

MIPP – Most Important Plans for the Planet – putting the SDGs in perspective.
Learn More

2018 - SDG Heroes

Inclusion in Ralph Reutimann’s SDG Heroes series  Click Here

and also shown on Thortspace. Click Here

2017 - Thortspace US Patent

Official US Software Patent granted. Enabling 3D Visual Thinking Click Here.

2017 - Global Goals Ecosystem

A cradle to cradle ecosystem linked with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Click here

2017 - Care4Most

Started work on new build of Care4Most with updated interface based on newer technologies to work across various platforms. Click Here

2016 - Thortspace - Beyond 3D Mindmapping

UK patent granted in 2017. Allowing the innovative technology to show continued growth and improvement. Click Here

2014 - CityFund4Good - supporting the SDGs

Agreed the establishment of CityFund4Good supporting Sustainable Development Goals No. 11 ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ in conjubction with the charity SharedImpact www.sharedimpact.org

2012 - 3D visual thinking platform

Involved with the creation of a new problem solving collaborative 3D visual thinking platform www.thortspace.com (launched APRIL 2016)

2011 - First MDG Earth Achiever miniphone

Helped fund the creation of the world’s first Millennium Development Goals 2 SIM miniphone

2010 - First MDG e-learning game on UN website

Funded the creation of the wortld’s first e-learning game to go on a UN website connected with the Millennium Development Goals and using UN data – launched at the Shanghai World Expo by Mr Sha Zukang

2007 - First location-based interactive guide at Stourhead

Creation of Node Explorer interactive guide system at world renowned Stourhead Gardens in Wiltshire – leading the following year to the Kew Ranger at Kew Gardens

2006 - First instant visual Care4most design

First plans for Care4Most care4most.azurewebsites.net Android app also

1982 - Oldest international environment charity

Fauna & Flora International www.fauna-flora.org Treasurer and other posts. Now Vice President

1977 - First charity set up and involvement

International Trust For Nature Conservation www.itnc.org Helped at the beginning. Now Vice President

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