SDG Event Nuggets

SDG Event Nuggets are collections of thoughts and comments from anyone attending – in person or remotely – events that can be linked with the SDGs. They stimulate mental engagement, active involvement and the subsequent DOING that follows.

Before any of us do something big – as a person, team, organisation, business or movement – we have to make plans. Before we make plans we have to THINK. When we’re thinking about something that’s big and really matters we have to collaborate.

The collaborative thinking we do has to be multi-lingual, cross-silo, instant, interactive – and more …

This is a major reason why supports Thortspace – a world first for collaborative visual thinking in 3D The SDG element is expressed through the Most Important Plans for the Planet (MIPP Most).

See below for exactly how SDG Event Nuggets can be used and how vast the global reach can be.

CARE – the system is in beta (i.e. it’s being worked on still). There is further to go to make the experience more useful and fun.

To start with – put the words ‘Event Nuggets’ in the long Search box