SDG Event Nuggets

SDG Event Nuggets

SDG Event Nuggets are collections of thoughts and comments from those who attend virtual events that can be linked with the SDGs. They are a first port of call for all the thinking that is a precursor to the subsequent planning and doing that follows.

A major aim is to stimulate collaborative, interactive thinking from those who engage with multi-stakeholder, multi background, cross-silo interests.

This is why has supported Thortspace – a world first for collaborative visual thinking experience in 3D The SDG involvement is represented through a uniquely designed experience called the Most Important Plans for the Planet (MIPP Most).

See below for how SDG Event Nuggets can be used to extend the usefulness of the event long after its close.

CARE – the system is in beta (i.e. it’s being worked on still). There is further to go to make the experience more useful and fun.

To start with – put the words ‘Event Nuggets’ in the long Search box