What is MIPP Most?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), also known as the Global Goals represent the most important globally accepted single collection of aims to achieve a better and sustainable future for all.  The 17 Goals address the many global challenges we face from poverty, inequality to climate change and environmental challenges.

They are the Most Important Plans for the Planet – MIPP most.

It is our responsibility as individuals, organisations and businesses to see they happen.

Sustainable development requires determined effort towards building an inclusive, long-term and resilient future for people and our planet.  These plans start with thinking and the engagement of masses of stakeholders in the  collaborative planning and thinking.

One of the most exciting, time-saving, collaborative, innovative, interactive, 3D visual thinking experiences to do all of this simultaneously comes through an app called Thortspace.

MIPP Most has been created using Thortspace to measure / link our individual, organisation and business efforts at achieving the SDG’s and show how we are supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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