most important plans for the planet MIPP

Stourhead SDG

Helping connect the world’s most important plans – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals – with one of the world’s most famous and iconic gardens – Stourhead England.

How it Works

You define the causes you care for most and as you go around the gardens are told stories about the founding family, the National Trust and the UN Global Goals – all with a connection to the causes that you really care about.

Get Involved

Visit Stourhead if you can and experience the surroundings. If it is difficult to visit the gardens in person you can check out the most important plans for the planet (SDGs).

The project is under development still and support in any form – financial or otherwise – is most welcome.

A major outcome is to generate a long-term supply of self-sustaining resources and initiatives in support of SDG-linked initiatives.

Here are some customised 'Most Important Plans for the Planet' (MIPP) buttons

You can customise the buttons below to help promote your own organisation to show how it is aligned with the world’s most important plans.